Jenny was born in Alberta, Canada and brought up in Co.Mayo.

She now lives and works in Co.Tipperary. 

A graduate of NCAD, her work is represented in several public and private collections both at home and abroad.

'The theme of my work centres on the feeling of belonging and the notion of place.  Much of this comes from growing up in rural Mayo and more recently living in the Tipperary countryside. 

Occupying the space within which I live, I am compelled to regard my own place within this space, often feeling very small and powerless, cloistered in an immensity.                  

Sometimes during these occasions’ moments arise when everything seems connected. 

This simple and common-place experience becomes elevated beyond the ordinary, the uncomplicated act of being transforms to abstract resplendence - everything is connected and perfect.

I try to capture those little moments of perfection. 

That sudden intuitive perception or insight into reality or essential meaning of something ungraspable.  I am not attempting to paint these places, I am trying to express how I experience them.

With all my work I seek an interplay with subject, composition and technique, to produce work which is restrained yet airy.  I want to combine subtle gestures in material, light and tone to form carefully planned minimal planes.'

©2020 Jenny Fox

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of Tipperary County Council under the Tipperary Artists Award Grant Scheme.