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Jenny was born in Alberta, Canada and brought up in the West of Ireland. She currently lives and works in Co.Tipperary

A graduate of NCAD, her work is represented in public and private collections both at home and abroad.


The central component of my work is the passage of time as a concept, fragmented and recalled as partly remembered moments. My work is informed by recreating and rearranging, looking back at remembered pasts with aesthetic distortion, delving into caught moments, exploring the amorphous and ambiguous rather than definitive form. 

I work on several pieces simultaneously. The process of making is very physical,

I apply a layer of plaster to my canvas, from here I sand, scrub and layer up with oil paint, using sandpaper and wirewool to push back through paint I have added.

The canvas goes through stages of being taken off the stretcher and stapled to the wall, where I can lean in heavily with an electric sander and aggressively remove layers, allowing past parts to peep through.

I mix my oil paint with a large quantity of linseed as this reduces the opacity of the paint and allows previous layers be caught and viewed through it. Using either cloths or my hands I apply the paint to my canvas, I rarely use a paint brush.

Turner's application of colour fascinates and leads me. I aim to produce work which has the same transparency of colour, colour which moves gracefully in an intangible manner, I want my layers to blend and I approach my blending through this interplay of erasure and addition.

It is the process of erasure and addition which  gradually builds a plane, over time this plane becomes charged with a history and narrative of its own which never fully reveals itself, consequently allowing the viewer to bring their own story to the work. And it is this I am aiming for; the viewer to connect with the work in their own way, without being told what it is or why it is, for their own narrative to imprint on the piece.

I hope I achieve this.




©2023 Jenny Fox

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of Tipperary County Council under the Tipperary Artists Award Grant Scheme.

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