Jenny was born in Alberta, Canada and brought up in the West of Ireland.

A graduate of NCAD, her work is represented in several public and private collections both at home and abroad.

Concepts of belonging and the passage of time recalled as partly remembered moments, are central components of my work. 

My practise touches not only on these notions, but also incorporates personal and emotional responses I have with some surroundings.

At the heart of my work is an affinity with certain spaces, spaces in which I am cloistered by an immensity, that force me to regard both myself and my connection with that moment in that place. When the uncomplicated and simple act of being turns into an abstracted instant, when everything becomes clear and connected and feels perfect. These are the moments of clarity I am trying to encapsulate.

Much of my work is informed by this fascination with connection to place.

With all my pieces I seek to have an interplay with subject, composition, and technique, to produce work which is restrained yet airy. I combine gestural mark-making with form in planned picture planes, responding throughout this process with emotional awareness.   

I paint using oils applied on stretched canvas, the surface of which has been built up and developed with plaster. Working on several pieces simultaneously, cutting, scratching, etching and sanding into the plaster then using oil paint mixed with linseed oil to build layers of colour and texture and once again I cut, scratch, etch and sand back before applying further layers of paint. The paint settles into the scratch marks, giving them permanence.

While some marks are pre-planned and determine the compositional framework, it is during paint application that chance intervenes. The plaster creates inconsistences to the picture plane causing the paint to act and react in random and uncontrolled ways and my responses to this are intuitive and spontaneous.   


It is the process of erasure and addition which gradually builds a plane, over time becoming charged with a history and narrative of its own, one that never fully reveals itself, and consequently allows the viewer to bring their own story to the work.

©2021 Jenny Fox


I wish to acknowledge the assistance of Tipperary County Council under the Tipperary Artists Award Grant Scheme.