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New works

My practice delves into our relationship with time and memory, exploring their fleeting and fragmented natures and how they shape our perceptions of our environment. 


In our technology-driven society, digital communications and data bombardment often alter our sense of time and our own recollections and experiences  are  effortlessly deferred or forgotten.

I explore making work which prompts the viewer to connect with their own memories and experiences, to uncover and find meaning in a world that can feel chaotic and fast-paced, as we navigate the societal issues that surround us. 

I draw from a range of references and visual cues. Primarily, the emphasis on composition, light and shadow of the Renaissance, as well as the emotional focus found in the Romantic and Abstract Expressionist movements. I blend  the images of current affairs with these primary influences in my practice.

Central to my work is the concept of capturing thoughts that reside on the edge of recollection – fragments of memory that time has partially eroded. 

Instead of focusing on definitive form, my work explores this amorphous and ambiguous nature.Through this exploration, I dig into moments, reimagining and rearranging them.

I make my work through phases of erasure and addition. I etch the composition into the plaster on my canvas, gradually creating a painting using a methodical process of layering oil paint and sanding back through paint and plaster. The interplay between what endures and what has transpired generates a rich and charged picture plane, imbued with its own history and narrative.

Jenny was born in Alberta, Canada and brought up in the West of Ireland. She currently lives and works in Co.Tipperary.

A graduate of NCAD, her work is represented in public and private collections both at home and abroad.

©2024 Jenny Fox
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