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Exploring the interplay between abstraction and representation, 'The Fourth Estate'  is a new project.  Drawing representational imagery sourced from the media, these images will serve as a bridge to abstract paintings. 
'The Fourth Estate' is a synthesis of reality and abstraction, reflecting the dynamic relationship between our perceptions and the media's influence on them. 


Paris riots. Pencil on paper, 70cm x 90cm

Original  Paris riots image abstracted.    Oil and mixed media.  80cm x 90cm

Polish riots.  Pencil and graphite on paper.  50cm x 40cm

Original Polish riot image abstracted.  Oil and mixed media,  95cm x 80cm


Paris riots. Pencil and charcoal on paper.  65cm x 80cm


Mass food produbtion facility UK. Pencil on paper  50cm x 65cm

Severe flooding USA. Pencil on paper  100cm x 70cm

©Jenny Fox 2024

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